2018-2019 CUF Season


2018-2020 Board Members (Left to Right):
Steve DuPont, Webmaster • Marie Washington, At Large Member • Terry Feeney, President • Lisa Palmer, Past President • Bruce Schollijegerdes, Vice President • Candace Manzella, Treasurer • Crystal Pharms, Assistant Vice President
Not Pictured: Antonio Farrington, Secretary/Communication


2016-2020 Transitioning Board Members (Left to Right):
Marie Washington • Steve DuPont • Terry Feeney • Lisa Palmer • Candace Manzella • Bruce Schollijegerdes • Crystal Pharms • Kristen Wolfe • Cheryl Hendrix • Rebecca Fox Dorans
Not Pictured: Jackie Woodson

Spring Meeting – March 15, 2018 – “March Madness!” Theme

(click individual photos to expand)


2017-2018 CUF Season


2016-2018 Board Members (Left to Right):
Lisa Palmer, President • Terry Feeney, Assistant Vice President • Jackie Woodson, Treasurer • Candace Manzella, Assistant Treasurer • Cheryl Hendrix, Vice President • Kristen Wolfe, Secretary • Steve DuPont, Webmaster
Not Pictured: Rebecca Fox Dorans, Past President


CUF was well-represented at the 2017 AHOU meeting in San Diego!


The CUF flier used at the 2017 AHOU meeting in San Diego

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